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Six killed, two injured in attack near Malian capital
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Malian_security Forces

BAMAKO– Six people were killed and two others injured in an attack against a road checkpoint near Mali’s capital Bamako, said the Malian security ministry on Friday night.

According to the ministry, the attack took place overnight on Thursday at the road checkpoint of Zantiguila, about 70 kilometres east to the capital Bamako.

The victims of the attack includes two gendarmes, a policeman and three civilians. But it did not reveal who was responsible for the attack.
Early June, eight people were killed and four others injured in a similar attack against the Koutiala road checkpoint, in southern Mali.

Mali has been facing security, political and economic crises since 2012, with insurgencies, jihadist incursions and inter-community violence killing thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands of others in the West African country. -Agency 

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